Saturday, September 15, 2012


Matryoshka ornaments, customizable

Tree stump stools

These hand embroidered, hand sewn tree stump stools are the perfect way to add a pop of color - and extra seating - into your living space. Soft and sturdy!

Log pillows

These tree branch pillows are made from out-dated, tapered corduroy pants. The end "rings" are hand embroidered. Wouldn't be complete without some colorful moss, a crinkly leaf, and a mushroom or two! A psychedelic forest for your living room!

Mushroom cluster sculptures

These soft sculptures are perfect for decorating table tops, bookshelves, mantles, and anywhere that needs a touch of the outdoors!

mushroom wall sculptures

Inspired by those fabulous mushrooms that grow in clusters on trees, these soft sculptures are meticulously hand-crafted and ready for your wall!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Little mushroom stool

Day of the Dead project

I found this wonderful unfinished jewelry box at a local craft store and thought it would make a perfect Day of the Dead shrine box.

Then I found these heavily discounted Barbie heads (intended to be swapped with other Barbies) that were clearly unpopular and decided it would be perfect for a Day of the Dead project I've had in mind.

Day of the Dead shrine

Library sign-out card pillow!

I found an amazing sign-out card (I collect them) in an old library book at a thrift store, and had it printed on some fabric, then made it into this cute pillow!